A small poem about these spiritlifters

Copyright: Chaitra Ramaiah

Have you seen kittens play,
Oblivious to the tumults, nothing impeding their way
Ever curious, pouncing on things that move,
A treat for sour eyes and soup for the soul

I always ponder and wonder in awe
The dynamites these furballs are,
Ever invigorated, ready for…

Chasing the mirage (A poetry)

sunset by Chaitra Ramaiah

There is no rose garden over the horizon,
That day never comes, fathoms your wisdom,
The colossal life-mansion, you accrued, eons and ages
Is but a castle on air, so it dawns

Teen years, a profession will fix it, money handful
Happiness is money, so was…

Beds are boring,
Coz they show the same ceiling
Day in day out, the same texture
Sinking you back to the days of yore

You lie in oblivion
Counting days, something serious broken
Body in shatters, mentally shaken
Waiting for thy kingdom come

Beds are boring,
Coz they show the same…

when you are name-shamed…

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

Well, indeed, one’s christening, however exuberant it might sound doesn’t divulge anything about an individual other than a mere identity. Many people with lurid sounding names may be of the nondescript types while many nomenclaturally unglamorous individuals could be of the precocious type. Some could be…

Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash

Sometimes in life lighter moments occur though they are not so light at that moment. Reliving those moment have a therapeutic effect when we are feeling low. Here’s one funny moment.

An ominous silence ensued. There was an absolute silence inside the plane barring the rattling of the engine and…

Chaitra Ramaiah

Photographer, small-time writer of both prose and poetry, ardent wildlife lover, and a fitness freak. BTW, did I say I am a metalhead too :-)?

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