Hi Duncan,

There’s nothing philosophical anywhere. There’s just what seems to be happening. I think what you’re asking is if liberation is just an experience or a state of consciousness in the brain. No, it’s not the brain. It’s the fundamental nature of reality, and it’s very apparent. It’s hidden in plain sight by the illusion of consciousness.

I still need some time for this information to steep my vacuous brain 😊.

Does meditation lead to liberation or a higher level of consciousness?

Or conversely, do we get realized by constant meditation? Meditation is a means to tap into deeper consciousness levels. At least Hindu philosophy claims that pure consciousness = pure awareness = self-realization = liberation and one can attain this by meditating and practicing moral rectitude.

Hmm, time to get pensive 😊.

Sorry for asking stupid questions. Please ignore them if you feel it is very naive.

A deep conduit connects heart to pen and camera, smitten by fitness bug, Wildlife lover, a programmer — printf (“WTF is life 🤔”);

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